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Dear Residents,


It has been a great privilege serving as your Miami Township Trustee for the past 16 years. I would like your support in electing me to another 4 year term.  During my time as a Trustee we have focused greatly on addressing one of the most difficult issues we all face, daily-traffic. The creation and participation of Miami Township in the Transportation Improvement District has brought millions of State and Federal tax dollars back to us locally and have created the SR 28 and 275 loop and intersection improvements on Branch Hill Guinea Pike. More work is needed and we continue to advocate for more funding and better legislation to address congestion. Improvements to Miami Meadows lake and the Spirit of American park walking path add to the tremendous park system we have. Station 29 has been built to address the need to lessen response time giving an overall reduction of 2 minutes township wide. With over 4000 EMS runs this year having 4 Fire Stations sited in the best locations saves lives. Our police department continues to be a leader in the region and is nationally accredited. The Community development department has helped to bring a renewed economic development to our Township with the Scene 75 and Pin Deck redevelopment of business 28 along with many more redevelopments. Recreation is as popular as ever with something for everyone to enjoy along with facilities to rent. I believe that Township government is the most responsive form of government since it is the closest to the people. My goal as Trustee is to continue to provide high quality services with a constant eye to the prudent, sensible, and responsible use of tax dollars.

Your Dedicated Public Servant, 


Mary Makley Wolff


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Mary Makley Wolff, Treasurer
5847 Monassas Run Road, Miami Township, Ohio 45150

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